Teacher Mary Taggart: School Is Starting and Balance

Teacher: Mary Taggart “As the school year approaches I find myself focusing on balance.  When we spend time on our mats, we gain balance.  Improving one’s balance improves one’s overall life.  As a parent getting ready for back to school, I know balance is key to having a successful school year.  One of my favorite yoga teachers often stated: If your […]

What is a Practice Pod?

A Practice Pod at West End Yoga…. is a great way to have your Yoga Practice with people that are already in your “Bubble” or “Pod”. Many people are currently limiting the total number of individuals they come into contact with for safety and health.  Some of us have smaller gatherings with a specific group of people, practice social distancing, […]

*New* Library In Our Studio!

                                                   Students and Teachers can graze our added books, borrow, and be inspired. Every time I walked past my bookshelves I felt wrong.  Why do I have all of these?  My Ego calls for “More Books!” […]

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