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Vata Dosha: Yoga Basics Theme 01/23- 01/30 with Roberta

written by Roberta Strickler Vata dosa in Ayurveda – in its normal state Vata protects the body. It’s so important to remember – at least to hope – that every one of us has some of this AIR symbol in our basic constitution, our Prakruti. For without Vata there would be no change, no creativity. At this time of year, Vata asserts […]

Yoga Basics Theme This Week: Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha Written by Roberta Strickler Earth + Water The qualities of Heavy, Dense, Soft, Stable are grounded Kapha. Babies look like Kapha:  Smooth, rubbery, sweet, tied to the Earth. To pacify too much Kapha we practice poses that are energizing, uplifting, active, steady and light.  Kapha will enjoy the repetition of the Moon Salutation practiced in a warm space.  But keep […]

Yoga In The Zoom Room: Roberta Strickler

December 31, 2020 by MindfulnessViaYoga  The other day I taught a yoga class on Zoom. Well, in fact, I taught a class on Zoom every day this week. I am calling this My Current Adventure. If you know me you know that my favorite mantra is ” Without risk there is no adventure.” Ok. Back to the true subject of this blog […]