Yoga Sanctuary School’s Chakra Series
Ahimsa Immersion 
Core-focused Alignment-based Yoga Education
YA-certified Cont Education hours for Teachers
“For Teachers and Students”
“Appropriate for All Levels”
Join Dr. Jonina Turzi for a course of study on Ahimsa (nonviolence) in the physical and subtle body, movement practices of hatha vinyasa yoga, and the far-reaching freedom of peaceful living beings.
We will gather for 7 Sundays to learn about and apply Ahimsa in our bodies, discussing core-focused alignment-based space-making actions. These actions are therapeutic in nature, and promote healing, core strength, and optimal inner vitality and balance.
We will practice utilizing these physical actions in movement, cultivating shifts that bring ease, space, and peace through accessible sequences of linked poses. This is refined, advanced work, but also profoundly accessible. Ahimsa in movement is available in all-levels of hatha vinyasa classes but also applicable to anyone in any stage of mobility or level of function.
We will take some time each weekend to reflect on the philosophical implication of Ahimsa in our everyday lives, and its cultural, environmental, and spiritual significance.
$40/Single Sunday
$250/All Seven Sundays
30% Off for YSS Grads & WEY Teachers
Half price for members
Mar 15
Sunday 2:30 – 4PM