Alignment focused yoga will transform your practice and prepare you to teach!

Alignment Yoga

200HR Teacher Training

For Yoga Teachers & Sincere Students

Taught by:

Jonina Turzi

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Aug 28-30

Sep 18-20 

Oct 16-18

Nov 13-15

Dec 11-13

Jan 8-10 | 22-24

Feb 5-7 | 19-21

Mar 5-7

Fridays 7-9PM at West End Yoga’s Studio (221 W Walnut St. Lancaster PA 17603)

Saturdays 11AM-6PM at Immerse Wellness’ Studio (1890 State St. Suite II, East Petersburg, PA 17520)

Sundays 9AM- 4PM at Immerse Wellness’ Studio

Cost: $2,800 | Available in 2 Payments:

1st $1,400 Payment to Reserve Your Space. Due on or before August 28th, 2020.

2nd $1,400 Payment. Due on or before March 7th, 2021.

Discount Available if you ‘Pay in Full’ prior to the first session. (Prior to 8/28/20)

‘Paid in Full’ Discount Price: $2,400 (*Early Bird)

Includes Unlimited Yoga at West End Yoga from 8/28/20-3/7/21.

Register at http://dev.westendyogastudio.local/special-events/

Jonina has devoted the past decade creating a unified system of yoga which draws on her knowledge as a doctorate level physical therapist, certified functional manual therapist, craniosacral and visceral therapist and practitioner of Yoga.

The practice of Yoga can radically alter our bodies, minds, and states of consciousness. Through Hatha yoga (the yoga of postural, dynamic, responsive alignment both on and off a yoga mat), we can initiate and sculpt desirable transformative processes with great specificity if we practice with great alignment consistently.

The benefits to practicing with great alignment are many. Here are just a few:

– healthy dense bone tissue with decompressed joint capsules

– coordinated muscular strength with deep core facilitation

– balanced tone throughout the connective (fascial) tissue

– enhanced function of all systems, including the nervous, digestive, immune, and endocrine systems

– maximized breathing mechanics and cardiorespiratory potentials

– optimized fluid dynamics in the circulatory, lymphatic, and cerebrospinal systems

– refined attention, retention, and insight capabilities of mind

– sustainable sense of equanimity and stress/service responsiveness

The great specificity required for this path is entirely learnable. Indeed, it has been taught in various forms for thousands of years! We are going to teach it in the 200-hour teacher training this year at West End Yoga Studio through the lens of Jonina’s background in healthcare, physio, craniosacral, and visceral therapies, yoga, and meditation.

Whether you want to teach in a group setting or not, this training is for you if you are ready to practice with attention to detail, higher states of mindfulness, and a sense of service to something greater than yourself alone.

We invite you to be a part of this revolutionary training.

Please Email Jonina Turzi at with questions regarding curriculum.

Please Email Sarah Henry at with questions regarding payment.

And check out testimonials from some of our past graduates!

“What I’ve learned in the AY TT is changing my life and the life of my clients. A chronic pain person I’ve been seeing for so long just had a huge shift! Thank you thank you thank you!” – From a licensed massage therapist.

“I came to this teacher training having just completed a 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, and therefore I was already qualified to teach yoga. My wish was that the alignment yoga training could enhance what I had already learned. I also was very much hoping that the alignment training could help me achieve my bigger goals- to be as healthy as I can be within the confines of this body and to live a good life in which I make a positive impact. I can say that without a doubt that the training that I have undertaken through the Yoga Sanctuary School has helped me to find more balance in my life both on and off the mat. I feel like my vision for the woman that I want to be is more in focus now than it has ever been before. The community that I have found through this training has enhanced my life in ways that I simply cannot put into words. All that I can really say in closing is thank you, and of course namaste.” 

“I have had other teacher training so the poses themselves were not new, but the emphasis is different at West End Yoga Studio.  The depth comes not just because of Jonina’s extensive learning and expertise with the physical body, but also her dedication to the spiritual roots of yoga.” 

“Our Sunday; practice teaching day, every training weekend, is my favorite part about The Alignment Yoga 200HR Teacher Training. It’s empowering to have so many opportunities to practice the art of transforming cutting edge physiological knowledge into simple, spacious, yet profound verbal cuing. It feels like I’m learning cues that can make a difference in my future students’ lives, rather than just generic language.”