Yoga Basics Theme This Week: Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha Written by Roberta Strickler Earth + Water The qualities of Heavy, Dense, Soft, Stable are grounded Kapha. Babies look like Kapha:  Smooth, rubbery, sweet, tied to the Earth. To pacify too much Kapha we practice poses that are energizing, uplifting, active, steady and light.  Kapha will enjoy the repetition of the Moon Salutation practiced in a warm space.  But keep […]

Yoga In The Zoom Room: Roberta Strickler

December 31, 2020 by MindfulnessViaYoga  The other day I taught a yoga class on Zoom. Well, in fact, I taught a class on Zoom every day this week. I am calling this My Current Adventure. If you know me you know that my favorite mantra is ” Without risk there is no adventure.” Ok. Back to the true subject of this blog […]

Standing Tall: The Sun is Coming

The first day of winter, the day after the winter solstice, a time we think about “looking inward,” taking tons of forward folds, hibernating……  Well we have been hibernating for almost all of 2020!  No, we do not have all of the answers or plans to put into action, yes we do still have inner work to do, but let […]

Tai Chi: New Class, Ancient Practice

Jonathan Lind joins us on Monday evenings from 4:30- 5:30 pm offering lessons in the ancient practice of Tai Chi.  An ancient Chinese martial art and health exercise based on Taoist philosophy that emphasizes deep relaxation of mind and body, promotes core strength, improves balance and helps in the prevention of falls. Regular practice brings about a sense of wellbeing, […]

Poses with Purpose

Poses with Purpose supports your practice, local Lancaster Businesses, and our Community.  From 10/21- 11/04 each student whom attends a class will receive a raffle ticket- On 11/07 winners will be drawn for prizes donated from the businesses below.  The best part is that West End Yoga Studio will be donating $ .75 for each raffle ticket to the Community […]

Lil One Costume Yoga Class Outdoors!

We welcome you and your family to Celebrate the Season!   Dress Up and come and play on October 31 from 1:00- 2:15 pm. This Class will be just for the Kiddos- Adults welcome to play also!  All mats will be socially distanced and we will begin with a fun story “Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!” written by Kaine and Duds.  […]

Young Adult WEY Warrior Tribe: Virtual 5 Week Program

Young Adult WEY Warrior Tribe: Virtual  This 5 Week Virtual Group Program for Young Adults is designed to explore the Self, develop inner and outer resiliency, and build true connections of support and growth. Each week includes self inquiry weekly focuses, in group discussion, asana, and guided meditation. Designed for ages 15- 19. Meets Virtually Thursday evenings 6:00- 7:15 Facebook […]

Special Event Virtual Class with Laura!

Laura Liss is offering 2 Special Event Virtual Classes for us! Thursday 9/21 8 – 9:00 am   Vinyasa Yoga from the Heart  This class combines a loving and creative flow, with heartfelt wisdom and a splash of humor and magic to keep you flexible for whatever comes your way.  Accessible to everyone. An hour of judgment free letting go. Purchase your Virtual […]

Teacher Mary Taggart: School Is Starting and Balance

Teacher: Mary Taggart “As the school year approaches I find myself focusing on balance.  When we spend time on our mats, we gain balance.  Improving one’s balance improves one’s overall life.  As a parent getting ready for back to school, I know balance is key to having a successful school year.  One of my favorite yoga teachers often stated: If your […]