Suzanne Amarjot Kaur Colburn

My continual love for yoga led me to fulfill a lifelong dream and become a yoga teacher, RYT. I combine my diverse yoga studies and my education in Psychology, to lead children, teens and adults on a journey into the mind-body connection. My passion lies particularly within yoga’s intersection with neuroscience, especially with the technology of Kundalini Yoga.

Over four years ago, my intuition guided me to seek out a Kundalini Yoga class. After my first class I immediately experienced a deep transformation in mind, body and spirit I dove deep into the practices and lifestyle and received my teaching certification with the Kundalini Research Institute. Throughout this journey, I continue to discover profound personal transformation and well- being. I believe that, “the true guru is within you. You are your best self- healer.”

I am forever grateful for the gift of yoga and the healing it has brought to me. Yoga has helped me connect to my authentic self beneath all the layers and I am passionate about helping others find this connection within themselves and making yoga accessible and relatable to all.

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