Mona Eckert

I knew from the very first class that not only did I want to practice yoga, I wanted to share the gift that yoga is with all others! The magic and nourishment presented by the instructor had touched me that deeply. I had dabbled in yoga here and there the fifteen years previous, practicing at home with video and books. Marital stress brought me back to the practice. Needing relief, I finally attended a class. This brought the practice and my life to a whole new level.

As breath is the foundation of our life, I believe breath is the foundation of yoga. Through my unique and somewhat challenging vinyasa with a touch of alignment style of teaching I encourage the “yoking” of the mind, body and spirit. I love the idea of waking my students up, encouraging them to dive deeper into a space of themselves that they may have not known even existed. That which lies beyond the physical. It is my hope that students bring concepts I introduce to them off the mat, and into their daily lives.

I received my RYT 200 hour teacher training under the Baron Baptist affiliated yoga studio, Evolution Power Yoga, here in Lancaster PA. Although my teaching style does contain some elements of this method, I have grown and evolved into my own expression as a teacher. I still continue to learn, and will always, in this practice, as to continuously provide my students with the best experience possible!

It is my goal, in the practice of teaching yoga, for students to recognize and honor the wisdom of the physical body through asana. I hope through the use of quotes, meditation, pranayama, and the introducing of yogic philosophy, students can be guided to move into a space of recognizing the vastness, the beauty, and the pure joy of their own essence, their true nature.

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