Neida Ratzlaff

Neida started her Yoga path with the goal of “taking 40 by the throat”. She pushed herself through heated Hatha styles of yoga growing stronger and more flexible as her practice grew. Her focus was attaining and holding the perfect posture, maintaining balance and alignment. She began taking more and more challenging classes at a variety of local and distant studios. With eyes towards becoming stronger and a desire to share yoga with others, Neida studied to become a Certified Yoga Teacher at Gateway Bodyworks and Wellness Center. It was there that she found a match to the Yang of her practice; the gentle Yin of her teaching. She went on to become certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Ballet Barre Connect. Neida has developed a beautiful style at the boundaries of a traditional Western class. She includes the rituals of mudra, breath, and motion in synchronicity, while encouraging her students to reach for the highest versions of themselves. Don’t be fooled though, she still moonlights as the tough one.

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