Samantha Duhaney

My name is Samantha, I’m originally from South Florida and now in Lancaster PA. After years of having to rely on medication and suffering from anxiety and depression, I found my refuge in the practice of yoga. Through the asana, meditation and mindfulness I was able to heal mind, body and soul. Experiencing yoga’s healing first hand through my own life inspired me to get certified and bring that opportunity for healing to others. I completed my training in Fort.Lauderdale, Florida with my home studio, Yoga Joint, through Yoga Alliance and have since then gotten an NASM certification in nutrition, as well, to further my yogic journey of healing. I wholeheartedly believe that when we lean into discomfort we are able to release fear and make space for growth. My goal is to bring my students a safe place to grow and find the path to their healing while having a fun, challenging flow that ultimately ends with a deep savasana.

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