Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry

Sarah had “practiced” yoga prior to meeting Dr. Jonina Turzi in the spring of 2014.  She went to a Sivananda Ashram in The Bahamas, and dropped into various classes and studios sporadically, exploring different styles. However, it wasn’t until practicing with Dr. Turzi at West End Yoga that she was able to truly learn yoga. Turzi’s interpretations of Alignment Yoga allowed her to embody her own body for the first time in her life! A daily yoga routine is now the foundation of her functioning, and she is forever grateful for the amazing experienced teachers and practitioners at WEY, who have guided her growth.

Her training includes:  a 100 HR Core Foundations Program (Summer of 2015) led by Dr. Jonina Turzi and Amber Burke (Yoga International). & a 200 HR Alignment Yoga Teacher Training (Fall-Spring 2017-2018) led by Dr. Turzi.

She has been actively teaching since the Spring of 2018.  Her classes follow the AY principals of prioritizing the skeletal system through grounding, lengthening, spiraling, and breathing. She hopes to provide a safe and accessible space for her students to find an appropriate challenge, inviting a deep sustaining core strength.

She also manages the studio full time. Her other interests include writing poetry, self-publishing ‘Body of Water’ in 2013. And is currently working on another poetry collection entitled ‘Attachment Trauma’ which she intends to publish through a Feminist Press. In addition to Alignment Yoga, she sees nature itself as our greatest healer and teacher.  To all her teachers, she bows. Namaste.

Photo by Michelle Johnsen Photography