Beginners Series is a continuous 6-part series taught by Maggie Mowery. It’s themed each week according to Alignment Yoga Core Foundation Principals.

Theme 1: Grounding/Surrender what’s touching the earth to the earth

Theme 2: Lengthening/ Un-tucking the tailbone & Dowel rods

Theme 3: Spiral (or more simply Rotation, inner/outer)

Theme 4: Breath/Pranayama

Theme 5: Subtle Body (reference to organ motility, reprogramming neural pathways, most basic: creation of space in the body for better functioning of everything)

Theme 6: Integration, Classic Yogic Terminology (Om, Namaste, Yamas/Niyamas)

Beginners Series Pass: 6 classes for $50.  Only valid at the Sat. 1PM class, not valid at any other class on schedule. Students can jump in at any time and do not have to attend consecutively.  

Sat. 1PM is also open to regular class pricing/attendance.