This is fine for a couple books or even a years worth of books

A woman carrying a single fetus and having a normal pregnancy, for example, can expect her pregnancy to last from 37 to 42 weeks, averaging a 40 week pregnancy. It’s estimated that while fewer than two out of 100 singleton pregnancies end before 32 weeks gestation, as many as one out of eight twins […]

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If you going to call those fouls on Steven Adams

Eventually, Murray runs out of gas and flops a halfhearted shot straight into the net. He crumples over his racket. Advantage Djokovic.. 4 points submitted 2 days agoPeople hate lebron because its the side you have to take if youre disgusted and/or jealous of the love afair people like shannon sharpe, nick wright, colin […]

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A Restorative Practice Inspired by Vinyasa

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The Physiology of Release

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Get spine aligned, mind will follow

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Yoga International Article: Liberate Your Pelvis

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Film of Jonina’s Class

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Yoga International Article: Hip Hinge

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