Yin Yoga & Tarot As Medicine for Our Times

Please join Hawa Lassanah and Magdalen Hess at West End Yoga Studio on Sunday, March 3rd,from 2:30-4:30PM for an afternoon of immersive yoga and Tarot insight.

Yin yoga is the receptive version of modern Hatha yoga, balancing Yang, the more widely practiced power styles. Yin Yoga encourages surrender and breath to create space in the mind and body, clearing the way for transcendence.

In an over-culture that centers hierarchy, mind, and dogma, Tarot centers nurturance, heart, receptivity and openness as a way for us to imagine our future. Magdalen’s preferred deck, the Motherpeace Tarot, offers a direct line of connection to the affirmation and love of the feminine divine.

Taken together, Yin Yoga and Tarot offer a healing that comes with an alignment of body, heart, and soul.

The Soulshop will be a long format yoga class with meditation, long held poses and a tarot narrative for unfurling the dis-ease of our modern times.

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