Core Refinement Series

“Therapeutic Alignment-Based Yoga Workshops and Continuing Education”

Each workshop will include a short lecture and movement practice suitable for all levels of practitioner.
Students will be offered an introduction to specific regional anatomy, and guided sensory experiences of optimized movement through that area.
First Sunday of 6 Consecutive Months from 2:30-4PM

May 5 – Lumbar Spine including SI Joints

June 2 – Cervical Spine

July 7 – Legs (Feet, ankles, knees, hips)
Aug 4 – Arms (wrists, elbows, shoulders)
Sept 1 – Head (TMJ, cranial sutures, nerves)
Oct 6 – Pulses and subtle energy (visceral and cranial rhythms)
$40/session ($200 for all 6 sessions)
Half off for Unlimited Members
30% off for WEY Teachers & YSS Graduates