Creating an Inclusive & Accessible Yoga Class Workshop

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In this workshop we will explore ways to create a Yoga class that is truly All Levels,
accessible to anyone who walks through the door. Through discussion, Asana
practice, and self study we will…
Find ways to create opportunities for communities that are underserved in
mainstream Yoga.
Examine the influence that diet culture has on the Yoga industry, and why
representation in marketing is crucial.
Give agency back to the student, through trauma informed teaching and
consent to touch.
Use the power of Language to encourage, rather than discourage.
Explore Asana from the perspective of Support and Space.
Learn ways to support students with Chronic Illness
This workshop is for everyone!
Yoga Teachers, Movement Instructors, and
Students who want to create and celebrate a more inclusive culture of Yoga.
Creating an Inclusive & Accessible Yoga Class
February 6 & 7 from 3-6 PM over Zoom
This workshop also comes with a recording for your convenience.