Crystals, Yin, and Reiki

Sonia Karas; 200hr Bhakti Yogi, Reiki Master, Animal End of Life Doula, Anointing Oil Alchemist
Anna Henderer; 250-hour Foundational Vinyasa teacher training in Philadelphia at Wake Up Yoga Studio, Transformation Yoga Project

Sunday, January 27th from 2-4PM

Unlock the healing power of crystals in this 2 hour Yin practice, combined with Reiki from a Master Practitioner. Experience deep relaxation and restoration. Anna will lead an intuitive Yin sequence, inspired by the specific properties and energies of the crystals. This practice offers students the opportunity to unwind, expand, and ignite their subtle bodies with the wisdom of these beautiful earth allies. Sonia’s hands on assists will be charged with potent yet gentle Reiki energy, creating a layered opening and healing of the mind, body and spirit. Learn how crystals can be integrated into your yoga practice and your everyday life.
Students will receive their own set of crystals to take home.
Make sure to preregister! Price will increase to $40 day-of.
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