Expect to find yourself surrounded by a community of supportive and compassionate individuals who welcome your presence. West End teachers draw from a diverse array of wisdom and movement traditions, so you will have a multitude of class styles and teachings available to you.

Absolutely, yes. That is a very good reason to do yoga! If you’re new to yoga, or dealing with stiffness/ injury, we recommend a slower-paced class where the teacher emphasizes healthy alignment to start. With time and practice, you can learn how to heal your body from the inside out, and increase your flexibility and ease of movement.

It is up to you how to manage nourishing and hydrating yourself. Some prefer 30 minutes or more between eating/drinking and exercise.

Wear comfortable, soft clothing including stretchable pants/shorts and a shirt in which you can reach up or bend forward. You may want to dress in layers for temperature regulation. No socks are required in a yoga class—bare feet stick to the mat better. If you have your own mat or props, you are encouraged to bring them as well.

We will have plenty of mats available for your use at the studio free of cost. Eventually, owning your own mat might be a good investment. (You can find them from $10 – $100 depending on the quality/material.)

Ideally, your practice will feel so good that you want to do it every day! Yoga is portable: on days you can’t make it to a studio class, you might try a few poses at home. Consciously tuning into the breath, moving well, and living mindfully can be practiced anywhere.

Our studio is at 221 West Walnut Street, in the eccentric West End neighborhood of historic downtown Lancaster, PA. We are on the north side of the street in the Wacker on Walnut building, next to the yellow, corner building that houses Rachel’s Creperie.

The easiest way to park near the studio is to use the on-street parking along Walnut Street, which is free for up to two hours on weekdays from 8am-6pm. At all other times, on weekends and holidays, it is free regardless of duration. WEY also has a parking lot located on the northwest corner of Prince and Walnut Streets (just east of WEY), ‘City Crossings’, off of Water St. 12 WOW spaces are to the far right of the City Crossings lot, closest to Walnut St. DO NOT PARK in the SELHS lot (SouthEast Lancaster Health Services)!  SELHS is a private lot and they will tow!