February 20 PwP

The Common Wheel exists for one simple reason — to work together to transform our community through the power of bikes. As a local Lancaster Non-Profit , CW values Empowerment, Community, Diversity, & Sustainability.  Check out the YouTube video below & The Common Wheel’s website HERE.

In Shop Class:  We have already held our In- Shop Class!  Thank you to all that joined us!

Virtual FOREVER Class:  Receive a Virtual Recording of the class held on 2/20. Virtual Class recording links will be emailed by 2/27/21 and will be yours to take anytime, anywhere, forever.  To Purchase Now Click Here.

The Common Wheel has made a difference in Lancaster:

– Over 1500 Volunteer Hours
– Platform For Bike Advocacy & Education
– Each year donates over 100 bikes to
elementary students within SDoL
– Created the Bikes For All program, serving
low-income individuals and refugees who aged
out of our Earn-a-Bike Program. This removes
financial barriers to bicycling, providing
affordable bikes and repair services that allow
people to rely on their bicycles, save money,
get active, and gain freedom and flexibility in
their everyday lives.