Do you search for love but can’t ever find it? Do you get into a relationship and it just never seems to work out? Divorced? Feel lonely? Commitment issues? Constant arguments or negativity with a significant other, family, friends, coworkers, or other humans? Valentine’s Day hater?

Do you ever take a moment to pause and ask yourself why?

Does fear get in the way?

This perfectly-timed workshop for those of you who are reminded by Valentine’s Day that you need more love in your life, this workshop is going to be your 2 hour pause to learn why. We’ll do a little digging and reflecting on our relationships with others and ourselves, looking at our behaviors and learning about our obstacles that block us from love so you can bring more love into your life.

This workshop will be a mix of learning, journaling, discussion (participation optional), and heart-opening exercises. So bring a journal/paper, pen/pencil, and dress comfortably!

Free for Unlimited members!

$25 for non-members