OHM! Intoning on The Chakras

Voice work with Jennifer Lobo
Breath work with Hawa Lassanah

Have you ever wanted to feel more confident with your “ohm”?
Do you want to experience releasing the fullness of your voice?
The “ohm” is healing when we are able to fully release the sound
out of our bodies without tension.
In this workshop, we will be learning methods of focused engagement and intentional release through intoning on the seven chakra system. Learn the seed mantras, pranayama, and movements in a supportive environment.

Voice specialist, Jennifer Lobo, brings over 18 years of experience helping people express their voice more fully.
Breathwork and yoga teacher, Hawa Lassanah, E-RYT200, will help to clarify this work in the yoga medium.

After the workshop, you will be equipped to intone on the chakras of the body for your own practice.
You will feel much more comfortable “ohming” in your favorite yoga class or in simply letting your voice be heard.

$30, 10% off for members. Register at westendyogastudio.com/special-events/