Our Studio Needs Your Support

Hello, my name is Jessie.  I am a mom of two (5 & 14), a wife of a paramedic, and work as a Leader full time here in Lancaster.  Yoga changed me in ways I did not know could be changed- I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Jonina so that I could try and help others experience the benefits Yoga has- that lightbulb moment, those small deep release moments, and everything in between that have the ability to change how we see the world and ourselves.

When I heard the Studio was closing I took my crazy ambition and asked my husband if we could help the Studio- Busy Family, limited financial resources, and full of wanting to HELP others Realize their  Self.  With as much as I thrive and feel energized by helping others to be their own “Self” best, I struggled in the past asking for help.

This BEAUTIFUL Studio needs to continue to serve this Community the way it has in the past touching so many people.  It is a place for diverse growth, peace, and connection.  COVID 19 has done a number- on lives, emotions, the economy- all in different ways for everyone.  Right now we need to have a place where we can refill our cups, practice grounding, and allow the self- care to get through this for our Families and Community.  After COVID we need this Studio to still be here- to reconnect, support change in our world, and to be that place we love.

The studio needs support to get through.  You can help in many ways- share posts, contact me with ideas, purchase classes you are comfortable taking, and donate financially if you can.  Our Teachers, our Friends all need this Studio to stay Alive here in Lancaster.

I want to say a BIG Thank You to these Teachers.  Their Cups are filled as they share with their Students and right now they need this Studio too.

  If you and your family are able to donate to Support West End Yoga please go to our Pateron Page below.

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Thank you so very much- every class taken, even a few dollars to assist with Studio costs, and every time you invite others to come and Practice helps,

Jessie Rodriguez