Matt Crager

Matt seeks to bring detailed knowledge of alignment & mobility to students in approachable, easy-to-digest ways. Health literacy is the foundation of Matt’s teaching: His classes, from sequencing to cueing, aim to help students understand foundational elements of anatomy and well-being so they can implement them not only in yoga classes, but in their everyday lives. After three years of […]

Christine Blair

I experience yoga as a practice of exploration, self- observation, and discovery that any person can use to realize their full potential. It is a way of remembering our true nature, which is essentially joyful and peaceful. I have been fortunate to be the student of several styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, and Briakti Flow and the practice […]

Jessie Vahalla

Jessie is from San Diego, CA and is new to the Lancaster area. Seeking connection and community, she started looking for that in the yoga studio. Jessie received her 200- hour certification in the Yin and Ashtanga practices. She practices Ashtanga herself and loves teaching, leading, and guiding people into a deeper union between their mind, body, and soul. Jessie […]