Matt Crager

Matt seeks to bring detailed knowledge of alignment & mobility to students in approachable, easy-to-digest ways. Health literacy is the foundation of Matt’s teaching: His classes, from sequencing to cueing, aim to help students understand foundational elements of anatomy and well-being so they can implement them not only in yoga classes, but in their everyday lives. After three years of […]

Cindy Herr

My yoga journey began in early 1970 after reading the classic book, Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation. This book includes complete teach-yourself instructions. For over 40 years I practiced yoga by myself. In the early 2000s I had a second grade student whose mother was a yoga teacher. Xander’s mom is Briala da Silva. She was extremely influential to my yoga […]

Judy Turzi

In a very literal sense, yoga helped Judy Turzi to get back on her feet years ago when she suffered a sports injury that sidelined her love of step aerobic classes. With the help of her daughter, Jonina, she tried yoga and loved it. As a former classroom teacher and school counselor, it seemed natural for Judy to want to […]