Private Classes & PODS

Many people are currently limiting the total number of individuals they come into contact with for safety and health. Some of us have smaller gatherings with a specific group of people, practice social distancing, try to limit the number of people they are around as a whole, or simply are not yet comfortable to be in a class open to all Students.

By setting up a Practice Pod our Students are able to limit the number of people they add to their contact list- your Pod is Up TO You. Pods can be from 2-5 Students, can be a group you choose, or you can ask to be aligned with another small group to limit total contact numbers with a regularly scheduled class with your new Pod Friends.

A Practice Pod also supports our Teachers- Teachers can continue to teach, help others, inspire, and work when more students are able to take their classes. Practice Pods open a new and creative way we can come together to connect. They also help the Studio get through COVID by offering another format for classes