Personal & POD Classes

Personal Classes are 1:1 between an Instructor and a Student and offers a customizable approach to the Yoga Class offered.  This is a great offering for those with specific needs, who want to work on a specific piece of their Practice, or who want to limit their exposure.

Many people are currently limiting the total number of individuals they come into contact with for safety and health. Some of us have smaller gatherings with a specific group of people, practice social distancing, try to limit the number of people they are around as a whole, or simply are not yet comfortable to be in a class open to all Students.

By setting up a Practice Pod our Students are able to limit the number of people they add to their contact list- your Pod is Up TO You. Pods can be from 2-5 Students, can be a group you choose, or you can ask to be aligned with another small group to limit total contact numbers with a regularly scheduled class with your new Pod Friends.

A Practice Pod also supports our Teachers- Teachers can continue to teach, help others, inspire, and work when more students are able to take their classes. Practice Pods open a new and creative way we can come together to connect. They also help the Studio get through COVID by offering another format for classes.


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