Sunday, February 25th | 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Facilitator: Jennifer Derkacs, KCYT 500, Sound Meditation Specialist

Please join us on Sunday, February 25th for an afternoon of good vibes and relaxation with a Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Bath featuring 7 quartz crystal chakra singing bowls, 11 Tibetan singing bowls, and a collection of ethereal chimes. Rest and recline as you allow the mystical, playful, and comforting vibrations of the sound bath instruments to transport you into a deeply meditative state of blissful relaxation.

Our bodies contain over 50% water and the crystalline structure of our bones reacts to the sound of the crystal bowls allowing their vibrations to resonate within us. Each crystal singing bowl is made of 99.992% American Quartz and rings at a frequency on the musical scale of the seven major chakra energy centers. Singing bowl sound taps into the possibilities of promoting positivity, flow and well-being through the language of music.

No experience necessary. Come as you are!  Wear something cozy and comfortable. Option to bring a pillow.  Guided integration activities are included. You may feel inspired to journal or draw following your Sound Bath experience and are welcome to bring a notebook or journal. Paper and drawing supplies will be provided. Come relax, explore, and experience the benefits of crystal singing bowl sound!

$25 Non-Members | 10% discount for Unlimited Members

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