If you don know high school students have no clue what career they want to pursue. However, they do have an idea of where their strengths lie and what kinds of schools they might want to research. For example, you could be a computer whiz or just really interested in how things work.

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Part of the township is included in the state designated Pinelands Area, which includes portions of Atlantic County, along with areas in Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Ocean counties. Harbor Township includes the unincorporated communities of Bargaintown (the township’s seat of government Cardiff, English Creek, Farmington, Scullville (formerly known as Jeffers), Steelmanville and West, as well as part of McKee City. Other localities and place names located partially or completely within the township include Devenshire, English Creek Landing, Greenwood, Idlewood, Jeffers Landing, Jobs Point, Jones Island, McKee City Station, Mount Calvary, Terrace, Pork Island, Rainbow Islands cheap nfl jerseys, Sculls Landing, and Seaview Harbor.Parks and protected areas[edit]Sign for the Malibu Beach Wildlife Management AreaThere are three wildlife management areas (WMAs) in Egg Harbor Township, two of them in the eastern discontinuous segment of the township.

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