In this two hour workshop, we’ll discuss what self defense is: from daily self care to defending oneself in more extreme and dangerous situations. We will talk about awareness and instinct. We will work on developing skills that allow us to remain calm and turn a freeze response into one of action. Participants will learn verbal and non-verbal strategies easily employed in any situation. We will also review basic strikes (elbows, knees, base of palm, low kicks) and practice all of these techniques in a safe and encouraging environment.

5 Fingers of Self Defense
1) Escape — from the very simple and obvious running, to putting an angry client on hold on the phone, or crossing the street if you feel uncomfortable about a person approaching you
2) Non-verbal — being aware of your surroundings (not walking around with your nose in your phone and headphones on), trusting your instinct, walking with confidence… we also work on a side stance, distancing, and using your energy to create a sort of barrier around you when you don’t want to invite people closer
3) Verbal — using your voice, verbal skills really help women break out of what I call “hostess mode,” women learn how to use their voice to stay calm, we work on a “self defense phrase” to repeat over and over again while you plot escape (or physical) strategy
4) Physical — what most women think of when they hear “self defense” — striking, we work on easy to learn, powerful strikes (base of palm, elbows, knees, low kicks/stomps) and where to target the body for each, we practice these strikes to pads
5) Comply — choose to comply until you can escape, we discuss how to employ this strategy, when to comply and when not to.
The goal is always to escape, these strategies work together. Of course, there is no one perfect self defense strategy — what’s being offered are simply additional tools to practice and keep in mind. In general, good verbal and non-verbal skills will keep you from ever having to use physical self defense.

Space is limited – Advance registration is required. Participants must be 18 years old.

This workshop will be led by Michelle Ciarrocca – a Create Karma graduate with over 20 years of experience in martial arts and self defense instruction.

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$25 for Non-Members