Standing Tall: The Sun is Coming

The first day of winter, the day after the winter solstice, a time we think about “looking inward,” taking tons of forward folds, hibernating……  Well we have been hibernating for almost all of 2020!  No, we do not have all of the answers or plans to put into action, yes we do still have inner work to do, but let this be a day to realize how connected to Our Divine we already are and how we can lift up while staying rooted.  As the days begin to get longer and sunlight extends can we do the same?  Can we honor this time in nature to be grounded and close while also feeding Our inner need and readiness to rise?  Yes.  Yes we can- We can reach for something we don’t yet see.  Yes we can strive for growth and change while we arn’t yet sure what extends and shifts.  We can do this because we are deeply connected to the bones of the Earth and the root of Our Divine.

When practicing this week where can you lift from a place of deep support on your mat?  What version of an inner fold can you take where the heart and face still face the sun?

  • When in Sun Salutations try keeping the heels high for several breaths and press the fingers deep into your mat
  • Instead of a forward fold try taking the pose on your back- allow the spine and root of the tail bone to connect deeply to your mat and gaze upward as you allow your legs to fold toward you gently
  • In a forward fold gently raise one arm, tenting the opposite fingers on the earth and rooting through all corners of the feet, and lead your twist upward through the heart
  • Allow your Updog poses  to truly shine the heart and tip of the nose up and out- feeling the support of the mat, toes, and palms support this lengthening
  • Practice feeling this growth upwards for several breaths in any pose- first my noticing and honoring the safety and connection with your base of support and then leading the pose up and away from this

Off of our mat can we practice this extension also?  Can we outreach others through motivational words and use our smiles and eyes to help others feel safe?  When we face a new situation or something with fear knowing that a warm blanket and hot cup of tea awaits us afterwards?  Where can we practice optimism and freshness in our daily to- dos and what comforts do we have accessible ready to sooth us when we need it?  Nature tells us to hibernate now, to rest, to recharge, and to look inward in preparation for a reset.  We need to honor this while also reaching- reaching up and out.  The Sun is coming and our Hearts are open to take in the coming light.


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