Diversity in lineage and tradition, plain, simple, authentic teaching from the heart with forethought and healthful intention.



My favorite way to start the day with gifted, intuitive instructors in a lovely setting.



My first time for mediation and Yoga– loved the class and the positive energy from everyone! Great place to get in tune with yourself, meet new people with positive energy, and strike up new friendships!



Great variety of classes and workshops. Friendly staff, solid teachers, and a fantastic space. 



WEY has been a bright spot in my life for over a year now. All of the teachers make every effort for all students to experience their highest level of wellness. The cueing in all classes provides me with an ongoing opportunity to refine my skills and deepen my body awareness. It’s as if each instructor is a tour guide for me in discovering my own body in a new way providing a deepening understanding of its function and alignment.

I believe that any consistent attendance in WEY classes is a personal insurance policy that will enhance life-long function and independence. If you haven’t tried out WEY you are missing an important tool for continued growth and expansion. Thank you to all of the WEY family.



Superb, diverse teaching, wonderful community, feels like home.




I’ve done yoga before, but always felt a little too inflexible to even enjoy the basic positions. I found this [Yoga on the Wall class] to be challenging, enjoyable, and really, really relaxing.

Maybe it’s feeling supported and allowing my body weight to do the work or maybe it was the amazing instructor, but I really liked this and will definitely go back.



I have no background in anatomy, still I found the information presented [in 100-Hr Yoga Intensive course] interesting and essential in terms of experiencing myself/my body in true health/true alignment.

Your supportive instruction gives me the confidence to really do yoga the way my body needs me to. I’m so grateful that you created such a healing approach to the practice of yoga, and it’s in my hometown!