Join us for a fun afternoon of giving and receiving healing Thai massage!

You will learn easy and basic techniques to give a rejuvenating massage for the feet, hips, back, and neck.

$50 per couple/ $45 if you preregister

Thai Yoga Massage treatments relax, open, and heal the body and mind. The combination of acupressure and yoga- like stretching balances and energizes the physical and subtle body. The giver and receiver of the massage wear comfortable clothing that stretches and is layered for desired warmth and comfort. The massage is given on a “nest” of yoga mats and blankets on the floor. The person receiving the treatment is placed into yoga-like positions, gently pressed, stretched and rocked. The massage and Yoga stretching improves range of motion and mobility, increasing resistance to muscle injury. Thai Massage can reduce pain from overworked or strained muscles and also reduce inflammation and pain from arthritis. The gentle presses and fluid movements increase lymphatic and blood flow in the body, boosting the immune and circulatory systems. As the client receives the massage they are guided into breathing exercises and a meditative relaxation. This a wonderful opportunity for deep rest, nurturing care, and creating a positive connection with your partner.