Tula Troubleshooting Guide

Manage Your WEY Account Online

All students are now able to log in directly to our online management system, Tula, to view account details, purchase classes and packages, and register for classes and workshops.

Q. I tried to claim my account, but I got the error message, “Sorry, that email address does not exist in our system.” Why can’t it find me?

A. There are a couple of reasons you may be getting this message…

1. The email we have on file for you is different than what you’re trying to use. Contact us and we’ll tell you what address we have for your account.

2. You don’t have an email linked to your online account. You may not have given us an email when you signed up, or you removed yourself from our mailing list at some point. There may also have been an issue when we imported your information into the new system. Contact us to add an email to your file.

Q. I tried to log in, but it says that my email address has already been used. Why did I get this message?

A. Our online system, Tula, is also used by several other yoga & fitness studios nationwide (include Yoga on Orange locally). If your email has already been used by another studio, Tula will simply add WEY to your account. When you log in, you will be able to view all Tula-enabled studios that you’ve visited in the past. As for us, we will only be able to view your WEY account information, regardless of how many studios are linked to your account.

If you remember your Tula password, you can enter it and see your account information right away. If you’ve forgotten it, simply re-set your password and check your email inbox for a new confirmation code.

Q. Why can’t I buy the Introductory Special or High School/College Drop-In Pass online? 

A. These deals are only available when you sign up at the studio or over the phone. Any student – new or existing – can use the Intro Special one time through March 2016. Beginning April 1st, only new students will be able to sign up for the Intro Special. The High School/College Drop-in Rate is only for current full-time students.

Q. Is my payment information secure? 

A. All credit card payments are processed through Stripe, which is a Level 1 Certified PCI Service Provider (the strongest level of certification available). Stripe combats fraud and data theft by encrypting all card data using its secure servers. (Click Here for more about Stripe’s security.)