Vata Dosha: Yoga Basics Theme 01/23- 01/30 with Roberta

written by Roberta Strickler

Vata dosa in Ayurveda – in its normal state Vata protects the body.

It’s so important to remember – at least to hope – that every one of us has some of this AIR symbol in

our basic constitution, our Prakruti. For without Vata there would be no change, no creativity.

At this time of year, Vata asserts through the wind. Vata tugs us to go her way, to imbalance with dry skin, cracking joints, disorganization of mind, anxiousness.

So, in yoga class this week ( Tuesday Jan 26 at 4:00 & Friday Jan 29 at 8:30 am) we will focus on moving all the joints and mobility: moving energy/prana throughout the body.

Improving out sense organs is always important at this dry and windy time of year. Ears are covered by hats. Eyes squint against the high bright light, Masks over noses and mouths. The way-up-there parts of the body are covered by attention at beginning and end of classes this week.

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